Monday, August 5, 2013

Life is Too Short

When I think about all the time I have wasted being frustrated or unhappy or just plain mad, I can only shake my head in disgust.  How much of my life have I thrown away not being content?  People always say life is too short, and I have really taken that for granted.  How many people that were alive yesterday aren’t breathing today?  It’s time out for doing things because we feel obligated or because of misplaced loyalty.
We must do all to the glory of God, and God isn’t glorified when we feel ‘forced’ to do anything.  So, you have to work.  Does that mean you have to stay on that particular job causing you so much stress?  This is just one example.  When you recognize that there is difference between being loyal and being used, you will make different choices with regard to your time, energy, and resources.  Commitment and faithfulness are very noble qualities and should be appreciated, not taken for granted.
Take the time to pray for discernment.  There are situations and circumstances that call for your perseverance, but there are some that call for your abandonment.  Know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.  The Spirit of the Lord brings liberty and peace, not frustration and confusion.  If you can’t find peace in the midst of your storm, maybe you shouldn’t be in that storm.  Stop wasting time; stop wasting your life on things that have no eternal value.  Learn to let stuff go and move on.  Go to bed every night confident that if you don’t awaken, it is well with your soul.

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