Saturday, July 18, 2015

New School Marriage

You're probably thinking that I am going to start ranting about same sex marriage in America.  Nope.  My rant is about the downhill slide that marriage has been on for decades.  The decline in the quality of marriage didn't begin with the Supreme Court striking down bans on same sex marriages.  Let's stop with this delusion.

The quality of marriage has been attacked by the absence of Christ.  We have pushed Jesus Christ out of marriages with lack of commitment, lack of fidelity, lack of trust, lack of submission, and lack of cooperation.  We make huge productions out of weddings, without so much as a thought of making the marriage worth half as much.  We have accepted the world's definition of marriage for a long time.

The divorce rate of couples in the church rivals that of those in the world.  I don't have the actual figures, but I'd be willing to bet that at least half of couples having weddings have a back-up plan for if it doesn't work out.  Everything is separate without any intermingling.  Pre-nuptial agreements are standard practice.  We don't even trust each other with computer passwords or bank statements.  What kind of marriage can that be?

If people who claim to be in the body of Christ would dare to trust Him with our marriages, we would be able to set the bar where it should be: on Christ the solid rock.  If we would do what we are supposed to do, we wouldn't be so offended with what the world is doing.  We need to get back to valuing the Biblical definition of marriage ourselves.  End rant.

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