Saturday, December 11, 2010

Focus on What Matters

I am thinking about how much time and energy we waste on crap we absolutely cannot control.  There are things in life that are important that we often neglect like family, friends, and our relationship with God.  We must stop dwelling on what other people are saying and doing around us and to us.  These people don't wake us up in the morning, nor do they provide brand new mercies each day for us.  Sure, sometimes malicious words hurt us and cause us to be skeptical of certain people.  We cannot, however, control those people.  Let them be who they are, and let others see them for who they really are..... without our help.  We don't need to talk about them or slander their names.  Let them prove their own worth, or lack thereof.

Our goal is to see people through the eyes of the Almighty.  What makes us think that we're so holy that we don't need grace just like the next person?  He loves ALL of us, no matter what our sins may be.  Let's focus on that love today.  We can receive it and share it.  God's love is not diminished because it is shared.  We don't have to be "buddy-buddy" with people we would rather not associate with, but we must love them.  Just because someone has abused your trust and betrayed you does not give you the right to hate them.  We all have a past, and all our pasts are not pretty.

There are good qualities in everyone that we can focus our energies on.  Stop looking at and looking for the negative in people.  Choose to see the good in people.  Focus on that, and stop hating on them for their faults.  With God's help, we can see people through His eyes, and see the redemptive work of Christ on their lives.  Focus on what matters!

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