Thursday, September 27, 2012

We Won't Understand Everything

I am resting on God's promises.  I know what He has given me; I know what He has shown me.  I keep letting my present state interfere with my hope of the future.  Just because I can't see how I will get to the vision from my present location doesn't mean God doesn't already have it worked out.

We tend to get impatient and want everything immediately.  God has to make sure that I'm ready for my next season.  He has to build my character, skill set, knowledge base, etc., so that I am prepared for whatever He has for me behind the curtain.  God knows exactly what I will need and the person I'm going to need to be to be successful in what He has planned for me.

God is never going to set me up to fail; I can trust Him while I go through the process.  No matter what it looks like to me, God is working everything for my success.  His ways are not my ways.  I could never wrap my head around everything God has prepared for me and prepared me for.  All the stops, detours, and u-turns along my journey are just that: part of the journey.

I have to stop looking at points along the journey as the end.  Eternity has no end; my soul has no end.  I am who I am because of my journey thus far, and I will continually evolve into the woman God would have me to be, growing in grace as my experiences shape me.  I am pressing my way through the hardships, trying to reflect Christ's image as much as I am able.  One day I will be like Him and with Him.

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