Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Hope

Advent - the period beginning four Sundays before Christmas, observed in commemoration of the coming of Christ into the world.

Let us continue to be mindful of why we celebrate the Christmas season.  It is pointless to get hung up on and/or argue about when Jesus was actually born.  Just like other holidays that have actual dates and observed dates, let’s just use the observed date to remember how much God loved the world. 
He sent His only begotten son, so that mankind could be redeemed.  The birth of the Messiah brought a blessed hope into this earth that would end our inevitable eternal separation from God.  This hope would reconcile us back to God through the ultimate sacrifice.
Most people focus on “on earth peace, goodwill toward men” during this season.  I like to focus on hope.  We were hopeless before Jesus Christ came.  Sacrifices, burnt offerings, religious traditions, practices, and rituals couldn’t save us.  No amount of piety could atone for our sins.  We could not make ourselves righteous or justified.

Jesus Christ willingly gave up His heavenly place to be born of the Virgin Mary, to fulfill the prophecy of the Messiah, to be rejected of His own people, to be despised, to be crucified.  Easter is important, but there wouldn’t be an Easter without a Christmas.  He was born to die.  He died to rise again.  He rose so that we might live forever with Him in paradise.

Remember why we celebrate.

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